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Rod Wittstadt Attorney at LawIf you want to see change, you must be willing to work for it. If you don’t like something, Mr. Wittstadt believes that you must be willing to be the change you wish to see. Throughout his life, Mr.Wittstadt participated in various grass roots organizations, political pacs, and political campaigns before running for political office himself. Mr. Wittstadt acknowledged through involvement with politics a need for new representation. Too often one hears citizens complain about what could be done; Mr. Wittstadt is a man of action and committed himself to perform for the public's best interests.

Our country’s biggest concern when it comes to elections is the youth vote. The younger generations do not have a high turnout rate, despite the outcome being most impactful to their future. Even 40 years ago Mr. Wittstadt recognized that; being involved in politics has always been an interest of his since he was 11-years-old. As a young boy, Mr. Wittstadt started off his interest in our country and the people who run it, when in 1975, he worked the polls for prominent Presidential candidates in hopes that other peers would also become interested by following his lead.

Throughout Mr. Wittstadt's college years and as an adult, that concern of poor turnout among youth became even greater. In his endeavor to change this matter, Mr. Wittstadt has attended national conventions throughout the country and has worked for gubernatorial elections on their tickets. Learning from campaign leaders on the direction they aspired to go, he was able to anticipate the needs of both the campaign and the people that would turn out on Election Day to vote. Being involved to position the organization for success by identifying new issues and opportunities led the campaign to a victory of the gubernatorial race.

Two years later, after using his knowledge in helping develop the gubernatorial campaign organization, Mr. Wittstadt joined a presidential campaign in their race for the White House. Throughout both the gubernatorial and presidential conventions and campaigns, his main objective was to encourage the youth vote to care about their constituents and be involved in the elections.

One notable moment for achieving this was during his tenure as a member on the Board of Trustees as a local college. During this time of the presidential election while Mr. Wittstadt had a seat on the Board, he orchestrated the school to lead a charge in drawing the attention of students and have them progress their interests to participate in the elections. The key objective was to build the college and its students to be foreword thinking, and push for improved turnouts in political learning, and have a continued interest to showcase our college as a leader in instituting political savvy students

With such a sensitive and highly opinionated topic, Mr. Wittstadt held himself and his colleagues accountable for measuring what was important to the students for high-quality debates, cost-effective endorsements and information on both parties, and set the priorities of what he hoped to achieve in this endeavor. Mr. Wittstadt accepted the responsibility to keep the movement bipartisan.

When Mr. Wittstadt noticed political activists showing up to give debates or information on only one party but not the other side, he would insist they bifurcate their speech and posters and pamphlets if they wished to participate in the information sessions on the two parties. Remaining neutral and letting collegiate minds learn the facts to decide who they wish to affiliate with was his top priority that he made sure to articulate in his meetings with the Board.

Following Mr. Wittstadt's time supporting and working alongside political leaders, he made the decision to run for Delegate Seat for the largest District in the state. After five years of residence in Northern Maryland, Mr. Wittstadt saw a need for change, and was 100 percent dedicated to the county and to the election. Mr. Wittstadt saw a need for leadership that was pro-education when he analyzed the problems in the school systems in the area. He took the calculated risk of becoming a political leader for a better tomorrow.

There were major issues facing the area where Mr. Wittstadt's family lived, and as the district prepared for a military base realignment that would bring thousands of jobs and people with it, he could not sit idly by when other leaders did not make these issues a primary opportunity for the local region. After months of deliberations with the grass roots enthusiasts, Mr. Wittstadt made the decision to run for delegate in the endeavor to improve his district to impact and improve his neighbors and his family’s livelihood.

While Mr. Wittstadt did not win the primary against the incumbent, being able to identify with and rub shoulders alongside the leaders in his state helped him deliver on my service on future campaigns, boards, and other high powered positions he have held over the years to achieve the highest result. Raising revenue and being active in my community while raising awareness to important issues to the delegate that did win was worth the risk he took, and for that Mr. Wittstadt believes he succeeded.

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Mr Wittstadt has released a pre-publication presentation of his book, MARYLAND'S CHARLES TOWN, 1742 AND BEYOND, A PICTURAL TOUR OF ITS HISTORY. Please visit to site to learn more about the history of Charles Town and the artists who created the thousands of decoys that are a part of the region's history.